Sunday, May 17, 2015

week twenty


Elise:  Inspired by some independance in the kitchen, we've been treated to quite a few dishes from her "Pretend Soup" cookbook lately!

Caleb:  His teacher showed the class a clip from "Stomp" on YouTube and you better believe we had a week's worth of homemade musical (and/or noise making) instrument creations!  

Lucas:  Always up for a bike ride!  One of my hopes when we were looking for a house was to live in a place where we could bike (or walk) to something...anything...  What a treat it is to hop on bikes and end up at school or the library or park or maybe even the custard shop in town. (maybe!)

Eden:  She's two!  How can it be?  She's just the right combination of sweet and spunky and we just love her so!

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