Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Anyday. Everyday. Life.

There's something about our recent string of warm winter days - the views of a snow-capped Mt. Etna cutting into the blue sky, the ripe oranges that add a burst of bright polka dots through the orchards that line our country roads and the cheery yellow clover that seem like a carpet of sunshine - these things make even the normal days of potty training, nose wiping, and child rearing feel just a bit lighter!
Ms. Melendez invited the boys to have lunch with Elise and her class at school.  They were soooo excited!
The reflection of Etna on the playground at school.  Wow!
Caleb asked me to take this picture so they could remember the playground when we move. 
Ahhhh...they're getting so big!
Enjoying a cup of tea on the porch with my sweet girl.  She loves her brothers, but she also loves when they're asleep after school so we can have some "big girl" time together.

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