Sunday, February 24, 2013

Giro Sicilia...

We decided to mix business and pleasure this weekend since we needed to drive across the island to renew Elise' passport and we wanted to enjoy some favorite spots along the southern coast while the almond blossoms were still in bloom...and so began our "Giro Sicilia" (around Sicily) road trip...

Once we finished our task at the Consulate in Palermo we took the loooong way through the middle of the island (since we were traveling from the northern coast to the southern coast) - Josh very graciously offered to let us drive the longer route so that we could pass through the midieval town of Caccamo to see it's castle.
Panelle - a local specialty (usually street food) made from finely ground chick peas, the start to a lovely dinner at Ristorante Kokalos - overlooking the ruins of Agrigento.
...and a tasty end to the meal, Semifreddo di Mandorla - a semi-frozen (mousse-like) almond dessert
My friend Bethany and I share an affinity for any kind of accommodations that will serve us breakfast - there's something so refreshing and relaxing about waking up and walking down to a beautiful spread that I don't have to prepare!  Sigh...
Fresh almonds from the orchards at our B&B - they were a huge highlight for the kids at breakfast...though I preferred the fresh squeezed orange juice and hot from the oven croissants!
More views from around our B&B - the one week old donkey colt was sooooo cute.
On to the ruins at Eraclea Minoa.  We would have stayed longer, but the wind was so strong that Lucas could hardly stand up (it was a bit overwhelming for the rest of us as well.)
We did enjoy a quick look at the ruins and a lovely walk along the coast before we retreated to the car for an "indoor" picnic.
One of these things is not like the of Elise and Josh's favorite things to do is explore abandoned buildings (and they are plentiful in Sicily) - while the boys slept and I relaxed in the van, they tromped around a run down hotel along our route.
Another site we wanted to check out was the Torre Salsa Nature Reserve (World Wildlife Fed.) along the Mediterranean Coast - it was a gorgeous drive and hopefully we'll get to return to enjoy some hiking (when we don't have two sleeping boys in the car!)

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