Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Picture Me, Mom!

Lucas is either a budding photo journalist or just really excited about being so "grown up" these days.  Nearly every event and activity that we do together is followed by him jumping around and enthusiastically saying "Picture me, Mom!!"  So...of course...here are a few of our recent photo ops...
Making his own fruit pizza after we hosted Becca's baby shower this weekend.
Pattern blocks and choo-choo trains, yay!
Showing off our giant supply of oranges after Santa and Vinny stopped by with a special delivery from their friend in Francofonte.
Monday Morning Bakery!  Today's recipe:  Zucchini Muffins.  Today's uniform:  Aprons and Underwear!
Choo-choo number puzzle...with a little help from Elise and Caleb (though he insisted that only HE be in the picture)
Elise came home from school the other day and taught the boys a cup stacking game she'd learned in P.E. class...Lucas was impressed and inspired!

P.S.  In other "growing up" news - Lucas woke up this morning very clearly enunciating C-A-L-E-B instead of Cayba and E-L-I-S-E instead of Eees...happy/sad moment for all of us!

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