Wednesday, February 27, 2013

One Last Time: Scala dei Turkei

I don't know what is it about this place, but it just makes me happy.  It's simple and beautiful and there's something so captivating about walking along a serene stretch of sand, watching the kids roll up their pants, slip off their shoes and gleefully explore the tide pools...not to mention the majestic view of a towering white stone cliff jutting out into the clear blue Mediterranean Sea...sigh...
Well, first things first...we were quite surprised when we rounded the corner near our usual parking spot and found that the road had been washed away (what you can't see from the picture is the 50 foot drop off down to the sea that's just on the other side of that "guard" rail - yikes!)...oh, and now on to the pretty stuff!

Late afternoon, just before the sun sets is my favorite time to walk along the beach - the long shadows, sparkling ripples in the sea, and sun-kissed landscape are almost magical.
Being brrrrrave and enjoying the tide pools.

My rock band.
Elise and Caleb have recently decided that when they grow up they want to be explorers (they ask us over and over again to tell them about explorers that lived a long time ago)...I think they're off to a pretty good start!

Farewell for now, I hope we meet again someday...

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