Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Gifting

Another wonderful part of sharing the holidays together was the giving and receiving of gifts IN PERSON!!  (with the exception of our chilly Chicago fam!)  We've made it work the last few years with packages mailed off in early December and cyber exchanges on Skype, but this year was extra special.  
So, this wasn't exactly a gift, but if you could have seen how cute Caleb was about shining his shoes for the wedding you would have thought it was.  He even thanked God for Uncle Grant's help shining his shoes during his bedtime prayer.

Eden sporting her too cute Minion hat and stripy leggings from the Christie crew in Chicago.  Now she's all matchy matchy with Zia!
Everyone checking in with Grandma after opening her thoughtful gifts. 
Another fun gift from Auntie Em and Co.

Eventually they realized that they needed to turn towards the tree so that all the twinkle lights could sparkle like snowflakes. 
Sweet Lucas had already greeted Michele by saying "I have your gift for you.  Do you have your gift for me?"  I was trying to stop him from saying "There's a shirt inside the box for you."
Elise had planned this "fake out" for several weeks!  She really wanted to hide inside a box and surprise Uncle Ben.  In a game time decision, Caleb ended up "giving her" to Uncle Hayden but when she popped out she gave her gift to Ben...and Caleb followed with his gift to Hayd.  They were so pleased with themselves!

Lucas and Makari were eager to assist anyone in need!
Freeze!  Your gift will be ready shortly...
Star Wars Legos are extra special from Uncle Ben...who knows just about all the Star Wars trivia there is to know.
Turns out, Aunt Michele did have Lucas, too.  The living sand was a big hit! (as was the new James engine and tender)
Can't wait to get working on all our new Lego projects!  Thanks Uncle Hayd.

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