Sunday, January 5, 2014


My friend Becca had an inspired idea from this blog for a way to document some of life's moments during these joy filled and exhausting days of parenting.  All too often, my mind is filled with quotes and images I want to remember as each of my children grow, explore, learn, and mature and I barely have the chance to recount them to Josh or our families, never mind making a scrapbook, writing a journal or even scribbling them down on scrap paper.  I'm hoping this will be a way to capture a few more of those beautiful, silly, and sometimes overwhelming moments that fill our days.  One photograph of each child, every week, for one we go!

Elise:  She's so proud of her long hair these days and recently learned to braid.  Almost every night she asks if she can brush and braid my hair while we read our bedtime stories.
Caleb:  Spending hours at a time making Lego creations, usually while singing made up praise songs.
Lucas:  That Eagles shirt is one of the three shirts that he requests constantly...the frozen yogurt is a current fav as well.
Eden:  Our little ray of sunshine

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