Sunday, January 26, 2014


Elise:  Friday night fun with our homemade version of "Don't Break the Ice"... and the hair tie around her wrist in her new "thing" - doesn't it make her seem so grown up?
Caleb: inspired to make paper airplanes after watching this video...we spent our rest time following "how-to" directions to make this "special super fast dart plane"
Lucas: "Moms, what is this?" - we get this question at just about every meal these days.  He wants us to guess what shape his food is.  If you guessed that this is a "turtle sitting on a rock" then you are absolutely correct!  (We never guess right, but it's a cute little phase and I LOVE that he calls me "Moms")
Eden: carrots, and green beans, and bananas, oh my!  oh...and a little bit of chocolate oatmeal cake, too!  She kept saying "mmm...mmm...mmm" so I HAD to give her some!

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