Friday, January 31, 2014

Snow Day!

My kids can't remember a night when they fell asleep with snow dancing outside their bedroom windows - or a day when they awoke to a glistening white world outside their front door.  You can imagine the shouts of joy and jumping and dancing that swirled around our house on Tuesday night when the snow started falling. We let them step outside and catch a few flakes on their tongues before shuffling them back up the stairs and into their beds - though school had already been cancelled for the next day. In the morning, along with more shrieking and happiness came the inevitable whining that always accompanies the ritual of adding layer after layer of warmth (after we dug all the snow clothes out of the attic, that is).  Thankfully, once they finally made it outside, their sheer excitement and continuous giggles more than made up for the aforementioned drama.  Without further ado, our snow day fun:

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