Thursday, January 16, 2014

Eight months old

Sweet baby Eden, I know that the previous seven months have been filled with much growth and many milestones, but this month you have changed so much. 
You scoot (usually backwards!), roll, shimmy, and sometimes nearly fold yourself in half so that you can reach for a toy (or crumb) nearby. You're so playful and interactive now, too.  Just in the last few weeks you've started to wave, clap and lift your arms high for "so big."  It fills us with joy and awe to watch you learn and conquer all these new things.  
You just about jump out of my arms each night when we head towards the bathtub to start the warm water.  What a nice way to end our day together.
We're still trying to make progress with solid foods!  You're eager to try things, but getting you to eat more than a few bites can be rather tricky...
Oh, that tongue.  What a fun and funny phase.  Everyone we meet laughs at your silly tongue twirling.

Over the Christmas holiday you got your first two teeth!
Ready or not!
P.S.  One of my favorite parts of the day is after you nurse and we rock and I get to hold you close.  Then, you sleep on my shoulder while we stand beside your crib. I treasure those few moments of quiet calm while I listen to you inhale and exhale and whisper a prayer to thank God for such a beautiful gift.  

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