Sunday, June 21, 2015

week twenty-five


On Father's Day weekend my dad flew out to St. Louis to spend a few days with us before chauffeuring us back "home" to Pennsylvania. The kids and I planned to stay east for three weeks, with Josh flying in for the middle week to be with us at the cottage and with his sister and her family in town.  We don't usually get to have just my dad for a visit, so it was wonderful to share a little bit of life with him here in the Lou.

Elise:  Sharing "spritzers" with Granddad in her favorite little backyard hideaway!

The Crew:  We spent the morning at the sendoff for "The Great Race" which began just down the street from us.  Over 100 classic cars were participating in a 9 day race that would end in Santa Monica and we were at the starting line!

#2:  Another special treat this week was a visit from our dear friend Kelley and her beautiful children!  We became friends in Japan almost a decade ago and having our seven little ones together was just wonderful. What a blessing it is to live one town over from her parents so that we get to see her when she comes to visit!

#3:  We did put Granddad to work for a little while since our piano needed to be tuned and have some small adjustments made.  I'm pretty sure it was not his most efficient tuning and repair job, but his eager sidekicks did enjoy learning more about how pianos work!

#4:  We managed to hit Tropical Moose twice over the weekend.  No one complained!

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