Sunday, June 28, 2015

week twenty-six


With Granddad at the wheel and myself on entertainment and snack committee, we managed to make it to PA in a (looooooong) day's drive!  That meant we had the rest of the week to enjoy being with our extended family.  We're so blessed!

Elise:  Recently enjoyed watching "Dolphin Tale" at her friend Chloe's house and is now captivated by all things dolphin!  While we were driving to Avalon (Thanks, Hayd, Michele and crew!!) she asked where we would have to go to see dolphins in the wild and I told her we'd probably have to be farther south to have a good chance...well, late in the afternoon we spotted four dolphins just off the shore and she could not have been more delighted!

Caleb:  Project Man - at it again.  This time, with the help of Uncle Hayd, the kids dug a gigantic hole in the sand - the perfect recipe for lots of beachy fun!

Lucas:  Watching these two makes my heart almost burst with joy.  For the first two days we were at my mom and dad's, Lucas jumped up and ran to the door everytime he heard it open - thinking it was Makari!  Meanwhile, Makari was at home telling Michele that he couldn't wait another minute to be with Lucas!  Cousin love is the best!!!!

Eden:  In Grammie's kitchen, making up a batch of Blackberry Fool (inspired by the book, A Fine Dessert!) with Aunt Lydia and Elise.  Soooooo special!  She helped pick the blackberries, whip the cream, AND lick the spatula.

The Crew:  Oh beach days, how I miss you!  We'll be back soon!

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