Saturday, June 13, 2015

week twenty-four

Uncle Sam's First Visit to St. Louis!


Elise:  On our first day we took Sam on the "Kirkwood Circuit!"  We rode bikes to town and enjoyed stops at the library, Sammy Soap, and the train tracks.  After all that, we headed home for lunch and rests and then spent the rest of the day at the pool!  

Caleb:  Got his annual summer buzz cut from Uncle Sam - this time complete with racing stripes.  He's just a little bit excited!

Lucas:  Always up for games and adventures, we spent day two biking and exploring around Forest Park.  When we weren't riding, we were either kicking a soccer ball, picnicking, hunting for stray golf balls, or splashing in streams and fountains.  I can't remember the last time I was sooo exhausted at the end of a day!  (Did I mention we also trekked around the Arch and Busch Stadium before grabbing some Ted Drewes on our way to meet Josh for dinner!)

Eden:  Loved watching her dash across the room to hug Sam's legs at random times throughout the day!  We spent our last epic day together at none other than the City Museum!

More highlights below...

Come back soon!

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