Sunday, June 7, 2015

week twenty-three


Elise:    Her "Wanted" poster of "Pancake Man" for the wall of art at Nashville's famous Pancake Pantry ... I have been dreaming of those pancakes for a week now... they really were that good!

Caleb:  "The Collector" - this guys takes the phrase "reuse, renew, recycle" to a whole new level.  The walking sticks did not return home with us from the Shawnee Nat'l Recreation Center, but they were put to good use for the few hours that we hiked around the Garden of the Gods!

Lucas:  His happy place...anywhere where he can climb and be just a little dangerous!

Eden:  "I hike-ning, mom!" she said enthusiastically when it was finally safe enough to give her freedom from the Ergo.  (Another verbal highlight of the week was Eden saying "Bless Mommy" when I sneezed!)


Josh took three days off and we decided to head to Nashville for a long weekend to explore a city that was new for all of us!  The weather was gray and cold and fairly rainy, but we managed to see a good bit of the city and enjoy some of it's finest sites.  We also had a wonderful visit with my cousin Lara and her family and my dear Aunt Gail happened to be in town as well - lucky us!  Music City, we'll be back...especially for more pancakes!!

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