Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First day in review:

Well, we made it!  All the first day jitters have subsided and the kids are tucked in (though still happily reciting a poem that Elise learned at school today!)

And I quote, "Do you want to know how much I learned today? ... A lot of stuff.  I barely got to play at all because the learning just kept coming and coming and coming."  :)

Here are a few more things that we heard about the day:

*  The play ground is very fun.
*  Her shoes were perfect and did not hurt at all.  (this was a concern because she has to wear good "play" shoes, but she chose a dress...how to mix fashion with practicality...what a dilemma!)
*  Her lunch was great, but she didn't have quite enough time to eat it. (the kids shared the leftovers as a snack when we got home)
*  They read one book.
*  She looked at a book about animals learning their ABCs.  It was silly.
*  She sat next to a girl who had a dog wearing sunglasses on her shirt, but didn't know her name.
*  She learned a very silly song that includes the words "bottoms up" (get it?  you stick your bottom up in the air while you're dancing - ha, ha, ha, ha, ha)  By Elise's account it's called "A Roosta Sha" but I'm not sure about that...  That's the song that she and Caleb are still singing now.
*  She learned how to roll her rest time towel into a snail (that's how they get stored in their cubbies)
*  She would like to ride the ride the bus tomorrow.
*  She got a lollipop and a certificate for having a great first day.

A few things I'm thankful for:

*  That Josh got to go in late to work so he could help us with our first day hubbub.
*  That my friends Karla and Anna (who were also first time kindergarten moms) came over for a breakfast play date after we dropped off the big kids at school.
*  The thoughts, prayers, calls and e-mails from a host of family and friends.  We felt very loved!
*  That we remembered almost all the required school supplies and all the logistical details that had to happen today.
*  That the 5 o-clock soccer meeting was cancelled.  A third trip to base today was NOT going to be fun.

A few things that I hope go better tomorrow:

*  The waking up and many moving parts of our new morning routine.
*  My own time management in getting the boys down for early naps so that we can pick Elise up from the bus stop.  (which is all the way at the end of our road - ugh!)
*  That Lucas won't make quite so many messes.  (One can always hope!)
*  That we don't spill 3 cups of milk in one afternoon.
*  That I don't get locked out of the house with the boys because the wind blows the door shut while I'm helping Karla get our pack n' play in her car.  (Thankfully Graziella had a spare.  She handed me a pile of 20 keys and said she hoped one would work.  Meanwhile, the boys feasted on chocolate cookies and watched Italian cartoons - that was their lunch!)
*  That I don't feel quite so wiped out at the end of the day!  (perhaps the boys only having 20 minute naps and whining from 3 - 7 had something to do with that...who knows.)

The first of many!

We'll see what day two brings!

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