Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Is it summer yet?

Elise woke up Monday morning and while we were getting breakfast set out she asked "Mom, when are we going to be done with this?"  To which I replied "Done with what?"  To which she answered "I mean, when will it be summer vacation again?"

I think we may have all been feeling that way on Monday morning.  This kindergarten thing is tiring work for all of us!

When I relayed the story to Mr. Atkinson he said "Wow, sounds like she's ready to be a teacher!" Josh thought that was funny. (and true.)

Seriously though, school seems to be going quite well for her.  We're slowly learning about new friends that she's getting to know and she's pretty chatty about the events of the day when she gets off the bus.  This week they have an author visiting the school, so that has been fun.  She also started ballet and tomorrow she and Caleb will have their first soccer practice.  

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