Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Weekend @ home.

Elise ended the week with her first little school head cold and after dinner on Friday night Lucas got sick ALL over me! (we're talking in my ear, down my back, in my underwear sick - gross!)  Needless to say, we needed some r&r for our weekend.  So we enjoyed the beautiful weather and just puttered around the house together...we got a few things done, too!

Elise grated the carrots for our spice muffins.  Having a stash in the freezer for busy school mornings should be great.  
The kids decided they would rather be crafty than help me bake.  I didn't mind!
Marble works.  Yay!
....and naps all around.  Wow, four days of school really tired "US" out.  
Josh had the thrilling job of taking apart our old Mac to replace a dead wire inside.   The screen was getting so bad that we almost had to lay down to read it (it would only turn on when the computer was nearly closed!)
Then it was haircuts for the Arthur boys.  Fearless Lucas was super nervous about the clippers (he is ALWAYS afraid of loud noises!), but endured the cut thanks to Caleb's headlamp.  (Thanks Ben and Libby!) 
Good one, Josh.

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