Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Me and my boys...

As I mentioned before, Caleb and Lucas seem to be the ones having the hardest time with being "left behind."  I, in turn, go from feeling overwhelmingly sorry for them to feeling just plain overwhelmed by them as we try to figure out the new dynamic with the three of us at home.  So far, very few of my tricks, ideas, or "special" events have seemed to impress Caleb...but we'll keep trying and hoping we get the hang of this before too long.  Actually, that makes it sound a little worse than it is.  I guess I just can't do enough special things to make him feel like it's just as fun at home as it is at school...poor thing.

For this one I had to take a deep breath and just let them get dirty...I'm actually better with dirt than with crafty things.  It's hard enough for me to keep the house kind of clean with just the normal eating, sleeping, playing stuff.  It was good for me...and they seemed to like it, too!

Everything got a bath!  Mission Complete.
Another cool find: water beads!  Actually used for cut flowers, these tiny sprinkle-like balls grow when you add them to water and change into super fun squishy, bouncy marbles. 

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