Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Family Rites of Passage: Our first broken bone

Well, I guess it had to happen here's the story... Caleb fell and broke his collar bone - The END...okay, well if you must know...he was NOT skiing down the Alps or scaling ancient ruins, he fell off the toilet and broke his collar bone. (To his credit, the marble floors in our house are very unforgiving...and it's an easy mistake...right??) 
 The tears and drama lasted for about an hour and it seemed warranted, but for a four year old boy who may be prone to was hard to know exactly what that meant.  Josh checked him out and we offered the usual remedies - our boo-boo buddy from the freezer, lots of hugs and tissues, and then some Motrin when he still actually seemed in pain.  Still...mind very calm and knowledgeable husband didn't bat an eye or seem at all concerned about the situation, so I continued with the bedtime routine, gave a few extra kisses to Caleb and got everyone tucked in to their beds.  It was hours later before I said to Josh, "What should I do for Caleb tomorrow if his arm still hurts."  To which he (again calmly and without batting an eye) answered, "Oh, I'm almost sure his collar bone is broken, we'll get him an appointment in the morning and you can come in to have it checked out..."  WHAT?!?!?!  Josh reassured me (a few times) that there was nothing that we could or would do differently now and with a 3 am dose of Motrin (Caleb had refused it earlier, but woke up in pain then) we made it until the morning.  Sigh...
Caleb was beyond good for both the check up and the x-ray.  For all the whining and worrying he did with me in the morning, he was super brave while Dr. Jeremy checked him out and while he stood alone in the giant mechanical x-ray room to have his x-rays taken.
Go ahead, pretend you're a radiologist!  Can you find the break?
Brand new sling, dose of Motrin and we're back in business!  Apparently, so I'm told...the collar bone was "made to be broken" and is the best bone to break in your body. (at least for kids!)  It usually heals on its own without any interventions, so...let the healing begin!
Later in the day...and short lived, because I didn't really like the idea of him falling off his bike onto his arm - but he was a pretty good sport. 
A few days later, my handsome Easter boy...and FINALLY the real smile I know and love!!


  1. Oh dear! It has to happen at least once. Glad is feeling better and smiling again. Blessings

  2. My goodness! I am glad all is well and that kids are so resilient! Cutest pictures of him!