Tuesday, April 30, 2013

La Dolce Vita: April

April's day to day adventures...well, at least the ones we captured in photos...
Kite Day for kindergarten!
Mt. Etna's 12th eruption of 2013.
I totally impressed myself with the idea to make our Italian Easter cake into french toast (because it's quite dry and not very sweet)...no one else agreed that it was a great idea, I think I'll blame it on the raisins...oh well!
The Imagination Movers came to Sigonella.  We'd never watched their show on t.v., but we sure did have fun at the show!

Josh is so good at making up games with the kids...this one...a "real life" version of Angry Birds!
Nearing the end of orange season - I love when I place these on the table and one of the kids exclaims "Wow Mom, they're super bloody!"
Game time!  It's fun finding games that all 3 kids can play together.
Cooking class with Sina.  On the Menu: Caponata
...and a typical Sicilian rice dish for summer.
Capturing a favorite photo op before all the snow melts on Etna.
We found Lucas sleeping in his brand new rain boots on the day we bought them.
Fun with friends!
At the ropes course in Monti Rossi to celebrate Stevie's 4th birthday!
Elise was a super star on the ropes!
"On Location" filming Josh's music video for "When the Seasons Change."

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