Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Home Sweet Home!

It often surprises me when we get back from a trip, that this little island floating in the Mediterranean could feel so much like home...but the clear blue sky, warm spring air, and sweet smell of orange blossoms welcomed us back and it felt so nice to be home again.

Our homecoming might have seemed more wonderful since my achy, tired, swollen, 35 week pregnant self was really ready to put my feet up and NOT feel so compelled to spend 10+ hours on my feet exploring London and Barcelona...or maybe it had to do with feeling like "We actually made it" after a fairly dramatic experience on the first day of our trip when Lucas had his passport confiscated at the Gatwick Airport (more on that later)...or perhaps it was because we made it through the flight this morning without being puked on or having any bathroom related accidents - since Lucas had endured a stomach virus for 5 out of the 7 days of our trip and Caleb threw up twice on the airplane home today...whatever the reason...it's nice to be home, here in Sicily.

In addition to the lovely spring weather welcoming us home, my friend Bethany graciously picked up our tired and germ infested crew on very last minute notice (way to go, me!), my friend Becca texted us upon arrival that she was making and dropping off dinner for us and I had forgotten that my friend Pina had been over to clean the house as we were zooming off to the airport last week.  Did I mention that Josh watched the kids and unpacked all our luggage while I took a nap after lunch...  I almost feel like a queen!  Sooo...even though we spent a whole day of our trip at the U.S. Embassy in London, did more "sick" laundry than I care to mention, came home with a crashed computer...and potentially more yucky tummies on the way...I am thankful for a grand and memorable "last" adventure before we officially become a family of six...

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