Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Please excuse the grey...

Josh did admit that the food in England was better than he'd remembered, but sadly, the weather during our trip did NOT help to re-invent his notions about Britain's "grey" skies and rain-filled days.  We did manage to enjoy a few moments of blue skies and sun in the midst of mostly cloudy skies and showers of rain...with the passport drama and stomach bug in our company, the weather seemed to reflect the mood of our journey - but whatever...
I know it's technically the "Tower Bridge" - but it was still quite funny when Lucas exclaimed, "London Bridge NOT falling down, Daddy!"
...making his daddy proud...
Crossing the Millenium Bridge.
A little sunshine at the Tower of London.  The kids LOVED the crown jewels and armory exhibits...sadly our camera battery died part way through our visit. 

On to Big Ben and the Parliament Building...Elise and Caleb are still talking about old Ben!

Next up:  Barcelona...but we had a few British pounds to spend so we treated ourselves to Krispy Kreme donuts in the airport. Yes, please!

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