Friday, October 18, 2013

Caleb's first field trip!

Caleb's preschool organized a family field trip to nearby Ganyard Farm and we got to enjoy autumn bounty at its best! Corn maze, hayride, pumpkin picking...what a day!
Southern Style!  We got to pick cotton, too.

He seriously grinned from ear to ear the WHOLE time we were there. 

We got to pick feed corn and bring it home.  We're still sharing it with the squirrels in our yard!

Somebody liked the feel of the cool grass!

Lucas, the proud and silly pumpkin picker!

Caleb searched and searched for the biggest pumpkin in the patch!

Hanging out in the corn crib!  What a blast...though I'm still finding kernels in my washing machine!

I must say that "Autumn" was one of the things I missed the most during our time in Sicily.  There just wasn't the same brisk feel in the air and we had to travel miles and miles to the top of Mt. Etna to find any hints of leaves changing color. (and we did!)  There's something about the smell of freshly picked apples, the fun of a just-raked leaf pile, and the chance to curl up on a Sunday afternoon and watch some football that makes me glad to be enjoying autumn here this year.  

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