Sunday, October 13, 2013

Look who's free...I mean three!

In case you didn't know, turning three is a pretty big deal!  I think Lucas has been planning the big day since we celebrated Elise's birthday back in July.  He's invited just about everyone he's met in the past 3 months (from our nearest and dearest to the men who moved us in and our mailman!)  He's requested at least a month's worth of food (mostly sweets!)  Other outlandish ideas also include: "getting married up" (after spending a week in PA hearing about Hannah's wedding preparations he figured he did not want to miss out), having everyone wear two pairs of underwear (still not sure where that idea came from), and spending the day at his yellow house in Sicily to see his friends and eat granite (okay, I'm totally down with that!)  This boy has had "BIRTHDAY" on his mind! And now, the 12th of October is here at last so let's celebrate our wild and wonderful Lucas!!
Waking up to a fun surprise!  Lots of new train accessories to add to his collection.
Birthday breakfast!  Juice, sliced fruit and donut muffins - yum!

Opening some birthday packages!  Fun treats from Grammy and Granddad.

The North Carolina Museum of Life and Science was the perfect place to explore and play on a chilly and rainy Saturday!
And of course, some chocolate birthday cake with chocolate buttercream frosting for dessert!  This boy is sweet in more ways than one!  Happy Birthday, Lucas Emmanuel.  We love you very very much!

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