Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Five months old.

Our little cuddle bug is five months old today. Eden continues to delight us with her happy coos and sweet, sweet smile! She's gotten quite a bit more chatty this month and just about jumps out of our arms when one of the kids comes into view. Sadly, she moved out of the swaddled sleeping phase and has had a bit of a rough transition to sleeping on her back in the crib. I think we may be making we'll hope for a good night sleep sometime soon! In other news, she's just about steady enough to sit up on her own (her fairly sizable thighs must be good for balance!) and she's reaching out and grasping EVERYTHING that's within a few inch radius of her tiny fingers. She may soon be rolling from her tummy to her back, but for now she just rolls from back to tummy, plays for a bit and then lets us know when her tummy time is up. What a blessing it is to watch her learn and grow and change before our very eyes.

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