Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Grammie and Granddad Come to Town

A much anticipated visit from Grammie and Granddad - their first visit to our new digs in North Carolina! You may notice that they came along with Flat Stanley (a stowaway guest from my cousin Erica's 1st grader, Nolan!) We enjoyed a beautiful fall weekend with a few adventures and a lot of laughter!!!
First stop, North Carolina BBQ!
More fun at the NC Museum of Life and Science.

...visiting Maple View Farm for ice cream...of course!

Granddad was kind enough to take on the "Pumpkin Carving Challenge!"  Thanks, Dad!
Eden was not terribly impressed with all the pumpkin carving fun.

Ta-da!  These friendly faces joined us on the back porch while we enjoyed a chilly grilled chicken dinner!
This was followed by a very silly photo shoot which included Grammie's now-famous "It was an accident" Dance!  (You'll have to ask her about it...though I think it was one of those "Had to be there" moments!)
Grammie, Granddad and the whole Arthur crew!
Our last hurrah for coffee and cookies at Foster's Market - to make their Durham Circuit complete!

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