Saturday, October 5, 2013


There's something particularly comforting about the warm smiles and hugs of a dear friend after weeks of "meet and greets" and "getting to know you small talk."  So, it was with great anticipation and joy that we welcomed Becca, Lena and Gil Garber to our home last week!  They had been in the States for Elliott's older sister's wedding (Eden!) and Becca was sweet and brave enough to make the solo drive down from Northern Virginia to spend a few days with us.  With our posse of infants and toddlers we didn't get to cover much ground by way of site-seeing, but it sure was nice to spend time with a wonderful friend who knows me so well (and loves me anyway!)

It is much too hard to get three preschoolers to smile at the same time, so "make a silly face" is my new default.

Enjoying a lovely picnic lunch on the lawn at Duke Gardens.
Also, you must know that if you're coming to visit us, you are required to taste some good local eats!  (Okay, and why would I think that my children would EVER be able to smile "normally" for the camera...)

Now, the Garbers are back in Sicily which feels so very far away...though still very close to our hearts.

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  1. Elliott just told me you'd posted, and so I came eagerly to see, as I'm about to put up some pictures myself! Love all of these. Oh, it was fun. Wish you were still in Sicily, of course, but can't wait for more fun adventures Stateside soon!