Thursday, January 24, 2013

Elise's First Field Trip: Agriturismo Roccadia

Yesterday I had the pleasure of going along on Elise's first school field trip. They've been learning about communities and life cycles, so we loaded up the buses and headed to a working farm in Carlentini. (in the Province of Siracusa, about 40 minutes from the school) The weather was crisp, but beautiful and the drive along the coast and through miles of farmland was just as nice. As we meandered through the fattoria (farm) we discovered chatty peacocks and guinea fowls, friendly horses, hungry cows, and even some new baby lambs nursing from their mamas. 

After viewing (and feeding and petting) all the animals we headed to the citrus groves where we saw juicy lemons and oranges waiting anxiously to be picked! I think the farmer may have underestimated the 50+ kindergarteners' enthusiasm when he said they could walk through the grove to pick ONE orange. Almost instantaneously, there were kids plucking oranges from trees, climbing on every low lying branch, and sprinting through the cheery yellow clover looking for more treasure to pick. With a few shouts of "BASTA!" (enough!) we were able to collect everyone (and their oranges) so we could continue on our walk back to the farm house to make fresh squeezed juice and eat a pizza lunch. It was a banner day!

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  1. I want a glass of that OJ right now... yum. Looks like such a fun trip!