Tuesday, January 22, 2013

You win some, you lose some.

Those were the first words that came to mind after our attempt to take the kids sledding on Mt. Etna yesterday. I'm not sure exactly what went wrong...maybe the fact that the boys fell asleep on the way up the mountain and Lucas woke up feeling like a monster...maybe it was the fact that in said "moster-like" state I asked Lucas to share a pack of fruit snacks with Caleb (who'd just found them on the floor of the car)...perhaps it was the very very cold wind that was blowing us to and fro... I guess it could have also been the blackened eye and scratched nose that Caleb received from our last sled ride...All I do know is that for one hour of playing in the snow, there was an insane amount of crying involved. We did finally manage to convince Caleb that stopping for hot chocolate on the way home might just make him feel a little better - it was an unusually hard sell, but in the end...it was the cioccolata calda with panna on top that made everything better.
Clear and beautiful (and windy!) on top...though sadly, due to having at least one crying child at all time during our sledding adventure, I didn't actually manage to get any pictures of the kids in the snow.

I wish solving the problems of the world was always this easy.

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