Friday, January 11, 2013

Milestones in Mothering

I know my kids grow and change a lot without me even noticing; it just happens.  Sometimes, though, there are very distinct milestones and moments that cause me to pause and reflect on where we've been and where we're going...  Some of them bring giant smiles and cheers and others bring a bittersweet tear to my eye.  First smiles, first tooth, first steps, first words...first day of school...there are too many to count (and certainly too many to keep track of in this scattered maternal mind of mine!)

Today I had one of those silly bittersweet moments, which I 'd been expecting (and kind of wishing for...I thought.)  

For as long as I can remember every time we asked Lucas anything that required a "yes" or "no" response he would answer us with an enthusiastic, whole body wiggling "uh-huh."  It bothered me a little because I didn't think it was the most polite response and I often couldn't differentiate between the yes or no so I'd have to routinely ask for confirmation of his answer.  Inevitably, today when everything I asked him was answered with a very clear, very distinct "YES" or "NO" I felt my heart dip just a little.  Where was my funny little high pitched "uh-huuuuuuuh?"  Is it really gone for good?

I know he's not packing his bags for college just yet, but even tiny milestones for our littlest ones can make it seem that way don't grow up too fast my sweet and crazy little bundle of boy!

Please excuse the runny nose and dirty face!  We were trying to capture a picture of Lucas in this vintage (albeit waaaay too small) Phillies shirt that he's recently decided is the ONLY thing he wants to wear.  **Note:  Of course the entourage had to come along and sadly he thinks its a soccer ball shirt.  (It will soon be on its way to Utah for my nephew who's due at the end of the month!)

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