Saturday, January 19, 2013

On Location with SingingDrJosh

My wonderful husband is many things - among them, a very patient and thorough teacher.  He loves taking care of kids (yes, he is the one in our household who takes care of all things "sick" - especially when the stomach virus sweeps through!)  He also loves music and thrives off of innovation - always giving himself unique challenges when the inspiration hits.   I think he used to dream of being a rock musician...and professional athlete (and maybe one day if this Pediatrics thing doesn't work out....well...we're getting too old for that now, aren't we?!)  Anyway, for about the last 2 years he's been combining his passions for teaching, medicine, and music into a new genre he calls "musical medical advice."  (Did I mention he's pretty smart, too!)

I figure it's about time I do my part to help promote Josh's musical medical career so here's a sneak peak from our recent shoot...(read:  NEW SONG COMING SOON!)

Check out his site if you have the chance...and subscribe, too!  Find him at!


  1. Awesome picture! Hope you all had a fun and productive day. We'll be checking for that new song...