Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The things they say...

It's no secret and it's nothing earth shattering, but kids really do say the cutest, most awkward, and most hilarious things in their quest to communicate with the grown up world around them.  I am absolutely fascinated by the journey of language development and for years I have tucked away scraps of paper with scrawled down quotes or passed along funny little quips in phones conversations with family members - all the while promising myself that I would NEVER forget these sweet, funny, and sometimes embarrassing moments.  Well, very few of those sayings (and I'm sure there are thousands by now!) have become part of our family's lore and for the most part I'm sad to admit that they're a fading memory as there are often to-do lists or new stories that take their place in my mind.  

Since the whole reason I enjoy blogging is to give our family a place for memories (knowing full well that I'm not crafty or organized enough to do anything else...and I have a terrible memory) I figured maybe I'd try to be a bit more proactive in creating a space for "the things they say" here - it's kind of an experiment, so we'll see how it goes.
 Elise is nearing five and a half, so it's not very often that she says things in a way that surprises us.   That being said, our first conversation of the day was worthy of note.  She came down the hallway - still trying to convince herself to shake off the sleepy cobwebs of the night.  None of us had really noticed the storm brewing outside, though it was unusually dark (even for 6:30 a.m.) The boys and I were settling into breakfast and instead of joining us, she made her way to the couch to cuddle up with a blanket for just one more cozy minute.  It was then that she exclaimed "Mom, I just saw the sky turn off and then on and then off again!"  She hadn't noticed that it was a streak of lightening that had made it seem like the sky was in fact off and then on and then off again.  Caleb of course chimed in and said he had turned the switch and made the sky's light turn on...and then we all turned our chairs toward the big picture windows in the dining room so we could watch God's morning light show and eat our oatmeal.

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