Friday, January 18, 2013

The things they say...

Our sweet Caleb has been talking in complete sentences since before he was two.  When anyone comes for a visit he is capable of talking for several days straight - barely pausing to breathe...  He is a little boy with a LOT to say and in an attempt to express ALL the thoughts swirling around in his funny 3 year old brain he often uses or combines big words in the silliest ways...  I suppose today he fancied himself a budding dietician since our morning breakfast discussion went like this:

C:  Mom, did you know that oatmeal has profein in it?  Profein is like fat – it gives you energy but you shouldn’t have too much. 

M:  Well, I’ll have to read the label to see how much protein is in oatmeal.  One thing oatmeal does have that’s good for you is fiber.

C:  Will that make me fibernate? (with a chuckle)

M:  Hmmm, no it won’t make you hibernate – but it will help you go _______!

C:  (Hilarious laughter)

The conversation ended with him warning me about the dangers of drinking too much Ginger Ale and a message about the amount of fat in various kinds of milk…good gracious.

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