Thursday, August 9, 2012

A nice day...

Today ended up feeling like a little breath of fresh air.  I'm not sure exactly why...maybe because it was the first day under 100 degrees this week...maybe because we've slowed down our schedule considerably and I'm finally feeling like the dark cloud of discouragement is moving on...I don't know.  We enjoyed some time at home this morning and headed to base in the late morning to volunteer with the summer reading program at the library.  An hour of reading books with other kids and then a picnic lunch on base was dreamy for Elise.
On our way home we ended up having to take a detour because the entrance to our road was closed for construction.  While I was initially frustrated, it ended up allowing both boys to fall asleep (making nap time a synch for me!) and we found a van full of Catania calcio goodies on the detour.  Caleb has been Mr. Soccer this week, so we were excited to get a jersey and flag from our local team.  After naps we headed to the pool on base for a play date with friends.  It was just lovely to feel cool for the first time in days as we splashed and played and chatted with friends big and small!  I guess sometimes it can just be that simple...

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  1. Rebecca - love reading your blog! Was such a pleasant afternoon at the pool...thanks for the invite :). You've done so much to make us feel welcome in our new home in Sicily!