Monday, August 20, 2012

Something amazing and exciting...or at least super cute!

The kids were all tucked in, reading and chatting quietly in their room when Caleb called out, "Mom, come quick.  I have something amazing to show you!"  Well, I had to go and see what it was... when I went into their darkened room, the only thing I could see was the beam of his headlamp (thanks Ben and Libby!) shining in my eye and he continued "This is really exciting.  I can read this whole book by myself.  I can read Doodle Day."  He started out..."Mom said, Don't bother Dad, he's all tied up with work.  It's okay said Harvey, I'll just sketch a picture while you're at the store.  What?  You're going to draw on Doodle Day?  ARE YOU CRAZY?"  ...and so he continued with a pretty impressive paraphrase of the whole book (a recent library favorite!)  The most endearing part was that the book was upside down the whole time he "read it."  So thankful for my sweet and enthusiastic little boy!

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