Thursday, August 23, 2012

New Beginnings

As I write this, my parents are embarking on a journey to State College, PA where my youngest brother, Grant, will soon be making his college debut at Penn State University.

Less than a week ago, my brother Samuel, left our family's home on Garnet Mine Road with most everything he owned in the back of his car for his first big post-college experience - living in his own apartment and coaching/teaching in central PA.

Tomorrow we begin a fairly monumental new beginning of our own when we go to see the kindergarten class lists posted on the wall of the elementary school and have the chance to meet Elise's teacher and classmates for the coming year.

New beginnings have a way of playing with my emotions. (and I know I'm not along on this one!)  Excitement, fear, anticipation, anxiety,'s almost surreal.  (and I'm a wreck!)  I guess after crying for my first day of school for every year from kindergarten through college - scratch that - kindergarten through the last year I taught kindergarten at the age of 27...I could expect myself to a be a tad emotional about all this CHANGE.  Well, since it doesn't help anyone if I sit around and cry all day, I will meditate on the truth that I know, that God is steadfast and unchanging, that He is faithful and will never leave us alone, and that He wants what is best for the people I love even more than I do. 

Taking a deep breath, praying, hoping, and letting go...ready or not...

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