Friday, August 3, 2012

Arancini from the Sicilian "Hot Table"

Arancini are a popular Sicilian food found at bars and tavola calda shops.  "Tavola Calda" literally translates "hot table" - the Sicilian version of fast food.  My friend Anna had recently gotten a lesson from her sweet neighbor and she knew we'd be up for a lesson.  The offer of a kiddie pool, bounce house, play room, and little friends was plenty enticing for the kids, too!

Here's the photo review of our arancini making class:

 We began by dicing Mozzarella and Formaggio Dolce to be used for filling the rice balls.

Anna already had some homemade ragu in the freezer so it was ready to go when we arrived!
She had also prepared round grain "sticky rice" with a some chicken broth, salt and pepper.   No wonder this recipe came together so quickly!

Time to add the filling...both cheeses and the ragu.  These are the most traditional fillings, though other include eggplant ragu, vegetables, and pistachios with cream.
Rice balls:  stuffed and ready to get their coating of flour and water and bread crumbs. 

 Flour and water mixture.

 Bread crumbs.

Ready for a deep fry!
My first attempt at deep frying...anything!
 Golden Brown and ready to....



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