Monday, August 27, 2012

Etna Quota Mille

Today we enjoyed the lunch offerings of a lovely Sicilian agriturismo in the little mountain town of Randazzo.  (Gosh, I'm writing a lot about food lately...oh well, I guess Italy is kind of famous for that!)  This summer the primary care clinic at NHSig where Josh works had a large turnover in it's work force and we've recently welcomed 4 new doctors and their families to the island.

One of the other spouses and I thought it would be nice to have a welcome event of sorts and he suggested Etna Quota Mille as a perfect meeting place for our families to gather.  As is usually the case with agriturismos, there was way too much delicious food to enjoy...but we managed!  In addition to the wonderful food and beautiful setting, they also had a great playground and pool for the kids to enjoy.  If you come to visit us in the coming year chances are we'll take you here!  Since it's located directly north of us, (with Mt. Etna in the center!) we got to drive all the way around Etna (east of the mountain getting there and west of the mountain on the return).
The antipasti are always the best part...I think this was about half of them!  We continually make the mistake of tasting a bit of everything and then being too full to eat much of anything else.  Maybe one day we'll learn...or not.

We ate upstairs in the converted loft of the old farm building. 

A good looking crew.  The kids doctor, Dr. Schumacher was taking the picture, but his family is in the top left behind me.

The highest peak you see in the picture is the vent that often erupts on the eastern side of Etna. 

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