Saturday, August 4, 2012

La Montagna

Last weekend we "rediscovered" some hiking trails on the eastern slopes of Etna and we thought we'd return again this week to enjoy the cool breeze and peaceful trails together.  The drive itself is beautiful, winding up the eastern side of the volcano with the Tyrennian Sea on one side, picturesque Sicilian towns, vineyards, and orchards on the other - it's lovely.

Couldn't help ourselves...had to stop on our way up the mountain to pick some blackberries!
Wouldn't Grammy be proud?!

View of the mountain from the eastern slope...venting as usual.

Jumping off "lava bombs" - these form when molten lava shoots into the air.  The lava cools when it hits the cold mountain air and spins to create these giant cannonball-like rocks.  

Lucas was so happy to see the butterfly that Josh caught for him!

The kids were great sports during our walk.  We made it much farther than we did last week and even ended with a race to the finish.  I think our recent Olympics viewing helped us finish strong!
View from the lava fields to the sea...we drove on the Via Maraneve which translates as Sea-Snow Road.  It comes off the highway by the sea and winds it's way up the mountain toward the peak.  

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