Friday, August 17, 2012

Feste Medievali

The medieval hamlet of Motta Sant'Anastasia (which we now call home) hosts a delightful summer festival each August called Feste Medievali.  It is a week long celebration which includes food, goods/crafts, and lots of entertaining shows.  In true European form, the festivities begin at 8 pm and last late into the night.  Had the time been a little earlier we probably would have gone every night, but since 8pm is already passed the kids' bedtime, we decided to have one crazy night and stay out as long as we could manage!

Can you imagine which one of our children has been sword fighting with my brooms for the last 4 days? (oh, right...all of them!...though Caleb was especially intrigued)  We did get front row seats on the castle piazza for a sword fighting show and a flag throwing/drumming show.  They were amazing!  I could feel the pride welling up inside me as we took in all the sites of the festival and enjoyed the hard work and tradition of our little town.  The kids were spellbound and would probably have stayed for days.  We lured (and carried) them home with the promise of gelato as we headed down the cobblestone streets and wound our way through the bustling town.  It was already 11pm!

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